42,195 etc.

Suffering is optional

Haruki Murakami, "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running"

Full name: Евгений Горьков / Evgeniy Gorkov
Will also respond to: EG (pronounced "ee-gee")
Email: evgeniy.gorkov@yahoo.com
Skype: evgeniy.gorkov
Phone: +1 71938 71938

Past Races and Adventures
Date Place Format Bib # Links/Notes
2001Barcelona, Spain42k (26m) road3122
2001Moscow, Russia42k (26m) road348
2002Helsinki, Finland42k (26m) road4296
2002Chicago, IL42k (26m) road8687
2002Huntsville, TX50k (31m) trail668
2003Boston, MA42k (26m) road7802
2003North Pole jump5,000 ft (vertical)n/a
2003Lapland, Sweden100k (62m) road60
2003New York, NY42k (26m) road5064
2004Stratford-upon-Avon, UK42k (26m) road2513
2004Blackpool, UK42k (26m) road764
2004London to Brighton, UK87k (54m) road76
2004Richmond, VA42k (26m) road1055PB 2:57:20
2005Tarim Basin, China250k/7 days desert149#1
2005Reno, NV42k/26m road114#1
2005Western Desert, Egypt250k/7 days desert52
2006Patriot Hills, Antarctica42k (26m) snow/ice2#1
2007Geneva, Switzerland42k (26m) road387
2007Ashford, CT42k (26m) trail73
2007Hovsgol Lake, Mongolia100k (62m) trail05
2007Atacama Desert, Chile250k/7 days desert25
2007Inverness, Scotland42k (26m) road2252
2008Sapa, Vietnam250k/7 days mud26
2008Collegiate Peaks, CO40k (25m) trailn/a
2008Pikes Peak, CO42k (26m) trail216
2008Antarctic Islands & Peninsula72k/4 stages snow15
March 2009Lake Baikal, Russia42k (26m) snow/ice4#2
April 2009North Pole42k (26m) snow/ice15#1
May 2009Uniondale, NY42k (26m) road26633
May 2009Fish River Canyon/Skeleton Coast, Namibia250k/7 days desert68
June 2009St Petersburg, Russia42k (26m) road514
August 2009Nantucket, MA80k (50m) sandn/a#2
October 2009Beijing, China42k (26m) road5768
January 2010Dubai, UAE42k (26m) road1121
April 2010Kimberly, Australia240k/7 days bush/rock60
May 2010Moscow, Russia42k (26m) road514
June 2010Archangel, Russia42k (26m) road234
July 2010Rio de Janeiro, Brazil42k (26m) road2076
August 2010Green River, WY42k/26m hills222#1
November 2011Nepal210k/7 days up/down70
August 2013Iceland250k/7 days windy/wet85

Total Competitive Distance Covered3,532 km (give or take)
Bodies of frozen water:2
September 2013Racing the Planet Madagascar 2014another of them 250k in 7 daysregistered

Special thanks to my wife and daughters for their love and care,
also to the principals of Siguler Guff & Co / Russia Partners Management LLC and my colleagues for their support and understanding